• INTENSIVE COURSE ON LAPAROSCOPIC SUTURING Date : Oct 21, 2017  -  Oct 21, 2017
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    2. At the end of this course each student should be able to:
      ▶ Safety introduce and pick up a 3/8ths curved needle in an appropriate position to make a bite through tissue
      ▶ Handle the needle to quickly adjust to desired angles
      ▶ Pass a needle and suture through tissues at suitable depth, angle, and distance for interrupted and continuous suturing
      ▶ Tie a safe laparoscopic Surgeon's knot
      ▶ Create a laparoscopic tumbled square knot
      ▶ Demonstrate continuous suturing, maintaining tension and completing the suture line safely
      ▶ Be able to apply the techniques to various clinical situateions, such as bariatric surgery, hepato pancreasbiliary surgery, or colorectal surgery
    4. Chien-Hua LIN 林建華 (Taiwan), Chi-Hsiang WU 吳其翔 (Taiwan), William Tzu-Liang CHEN陳自諒 (Taiwan), Shu-Hun CHUANG 莊樹宏 (Taiwan), Der-Our CHOU 周德敖 (Taiwan), Ming-Hsien LEE 李旻憲 (Taiwan), Charles Lin 林忠葦 (Taiwan), Chung-Wei LIN 林忠葦 (Taiwan), Aung Myint OO (Singapore)
  • Course Director
  • W. S-W. HUANG 黃士維
    1. 1st SATURDAY OCTOBER 21
    1. Suture Hands-on Workshop
    2. 08:30 AM Lecture Topics

      Theory and geometry of the laparoscopic stitch

      Port placement and ergonomic considereations for Laparoscopic suturing

      Effective and safe laparoscopic tissue handling

      Interrupted and continuous suturing techniques

      Needle handling and bite placement with both curved and endostitch needles

      Intracoporeal surgeon's knot and square knot

      Extra corporeal knotting techniques

      Laparoscopic suture in specific situateions





    3. 11:00 AM Pre-test
    4. 11:15 AM Practical session

      Dry box Practice (Total= 1.5 hrs)

      Warm up (5 minutes)

      Picking up of needle (10 minutes)

      Press-down technique

      Lift string technique

      Pronation technique

      Adjustment of needle angles (5 minutes)

      Driving through the needles (10 minutes)

      Pull the needle (5 minutes)

      Knot trying (10 minutes)

      Near short end

      Make long end parallel to needle holder

      Right hand only rotation

      Proper tightening of knot

      Continuous knot fornation

      Slip knot (10 minutes)

      Extracorporeal suture (5 minutes)

      Continuous suture (30 minutes)

      Left hand suture (10 minutes)

      Extreme wheel suture (30 minutes)

    5. 12:30 PM Lunch

    6. 01:30 PM Ex Vivo Porcine tissue practice (4 hours)

      Gastrojejunostomy (30 minutes)

      Jejunojejunostomy (30 minutes)

      Laparoscopic stapling (GIA, EEA)

      T-tube placement and suturing of CBD (30 minutes)

      Choledochojejunostomy (45 minutes)

      Pancreaticojejunostomy (45 minutes)

    7. 05:00 PM Post-test
    8. 05:30 PM Debriefing+course survey
    1. IRCAD 秀傳微創中心
    3. IRCAD Course